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Youth Surf Programme

WAVEWISE Youth Surfing Programmes aim at our youths very personal need of guidance through adolescence which can be one of the toughest times in life. In just a little amount of years society expects our youth to grow from a child to an adult. A challenge in which WAVEWISE can support our youth.

Society expects our youth to become more independend, parents expect them to become responsible and make good choices, their peers are demanding to stay up to date with everything going on around them and relationships are a very new and challenging part of their life. On top they are facing an overload of hormonal chaos and body changes. How easy is it to lose track and feel overwhelmed by it all? And how easy is it to slip into unhealthy coping mechanisms like drugs, violence or to slip into mental illness?

WAVEWISE aims at helping our youth through surfing to deal with every day’s challenges – surfing itself brings already a massive amount of advantages to a young person’s life: Physical activity, connection to nature, grounding…

In Combination with WAVEWISE Surf Sessions and the experiential learning approach a young person gets a tool to understand and reflect on their own actions and how it affects the people and their future way. They learn to make good choices, they develop problem solving skills and they gain a new tool for when they feel low.

To be able to sustain those youth surf programmes, WAVEWISE offers adult surf programmes which finance the surf sessions for our youth!

One adult surf session covers one youth surf session!

Want to go surfing Wavewise to support our youth!? Great! Have a look here: WAVEWISE Adult Surf Programme