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Wavewise Weekender


Come to a weekend full of surf, change of mindset and experiential learning!

Lead by professionally trained and registered staff with qualifications as Counsellor/Social Worker and Surf Instructor!

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Join our Weekender with two mornings full of inspiration, surfing and a game changing mental wellbeing experience:


WAVEWISE WEEKENDER (Sat+Sun, 3hrs each, time depending on tide and waves – see underneath at date description):

– Introduction to the Wavewise Mindset and its application

– Getting safe into the ocean – Overcoming fears

– Catching waves – Setting goals

– Take Off – Finding Balance

– Trimming the wave – Standing strong and navigate

– Priority rules + Handling your board in the line up – Keeping control

– Creation of waves and how they break – Dealing with frustration



Let waves open up your headspace and plant a seed of positivity to feel more confident, more relaxed and less stressed with life’s every day struggles!


What people say who have experienced the Wavewise Weekender:

“Gosh where to start… I am blown away by how much I gained through just two afternoons. I joined the programme wanting to try something new, do something that scared me and to fund a local youth in the process. Learning to surf was just one component of the programme (a very fun and rewarding one). Pana has the most incredible connection with the ocean and sense of calm in this environment. Her passion for what she does is infectious and automatically puts you at ease. We learnt the importance of self care, accepting how our body is feeling, challenging and changing any negative thought processes. The mindfulness activity was a personal favourite. Keep up the great work Pana and I encourage anyone whether you love or hate the idea of Surfing to give this a go – you won’t regret it.” – Adult Participant, Wavewise Weekender

Thank you Pana! Our weekender was fantastic and I loved every minute of it. Before we started, on day one I was filled with nerves, panic and fear (yes, there was excitement too). Pana’s teaching style was calm, clear and thorough. We had regular opportunities to learn through group discussions about what was happening within ourselves, the ocean and of course about surfing. Pana has an amazing way of linking it all together so it really does feel like a life lesson with learning that we can apply to our daily lives. At the end of both days I felt exhilarated, keen for more and with some new and helpful insights into myself. It was wonderful, thank you again Pana and thanks to the sponsors who help make it possible. I’ll definitely be back!” – Adult Participant, Wavewise Weekender


Learn and experience the Wavewise Mindset and start or improve your surfing journey! Enrich your every day life through this relieving tool you can use independently after attending the Wavewise programme.

AND: Provide the same to one of our youth!





(Single Session Value: $150 per session)


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Do you have a group of minimum 3 people with a personal request for a day that suits you?

Contact me and we will figure out a date that works for you!


Book your WEEKENDER NOW – spaces are limited:




We are looking forward to make waves with you and for you!



Got more Questions of how this exactly works? –> Find Questions and Answers about Wavewise Adult Programmes here:

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