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Wavewise One on One


Be part of Wavewise – a personal development programme using the surf and waves to deal with everyday life’s personal challenges!

Let waves open up your headspace and plant a seed of new strategies and perspectives to feel more confident, more relaxed and less stressed with life’s every day struggles!

The One on One Session will completely focus on your needs and assist you to make steps forward in the waves and in your personal life!

No matter what you want to work on – your pace and whatever you want to put on your agenda – we will work on it!



What people say who have experienced the Wavewise One on One Sessions:

“When I was a teenager I loved the beach and dabbled in a little bit of surfing. Then work, study & becoming a parent became my priority and I didnt have as much spare time to do the things that I had enjoyed when I was younger. Now 3 decades on with the kids becoming independent l decided if I didn’t get back to the things that I’d enjoyed, I may be too old or less mobile – I’m back out in the waves more motivated than ever. The opportunity arose when I was facing some challenges at work and needed to reflect & clear my head. Meeting Pana & understanding the Wavewise mission and concept was a turning point. Meeting and discussing my life & work goals and relating them to the challenges of surfing have been life changing. Knowing when times seemed uncertain, that it was just a set rolling in and I could get through it with the strategies she had empowered me with which proved invaluable. Combining business & personal direction with surfing strategy in and out of the water has been life changing. It’s something I never thought I would encounter and I recommend this unique experience to anyone of any gender or age. Panas professionalism and engagement in this program is exceptional. The added bonus of these sessions is that with each adult lesson you take on, you are enabling a youth to be part of the wave wise program and you are supporting this incredible NFP cause. Thx Pana.” – Adult, One on One participant



“Today, I had an awesome time in the sea. Pana did set goals with me, and I was able to reach my goals. Wavewise did support my learing regarding surfing skills but offers more. Pana figured out what was my barrier, used a great tool to explain, and then, supported me to achieve my goals. As a result I feel a lot more confident and safe in the water, so that I can practice further. During our session I enjoyed being in the moment and having lots of fun. I feel stronger!
A wonderful personal experience, and at the same time I am knowing that a child will profit as well. Loved it, will book another session, Pana, thank you so much!” – Adult, One on One participant


Gain a tool for yourself that will truely enrich your every day life!

AND: Provide the same to one of our youth!



Investment: $175 (Each session 1,5 hrs)

First session extended free of charge: 2 hrs!

DATE:  According to your needs – BY APPOINTMENT


Book your One on One Wavewise Session now –  express your interest and I will get back to you to find a date that suits us:




We are looking forward to make waves with you and for you!



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