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What past participants say about Wavewise


“The programme has taught me to get back up and try again when I fall and that we can’t always change what is going to happen but we can change what we do! I liked it and had lots of fun!” – Participant, 14 years old, male


“It was fun but also helpful so I enjoyed it! I learned that waves start from a storm and if you try too surf to close to the storm you normally fail (…) so I look at it as to go away from the problem and give it time and then go back and try to sort it out (when things have calmed down).” – Participant, 15 years old, male


“I really liked that we got to work together and also learn something new every day! I learnt that there is always a choice of ways that you can deal with different situations!” – Participant, 16 years old, female


“Wavewise did support my learning regarding surfing skills but offers more. Pana figured out what was my barrier, used a great tool to explain, and then, supported me to achieve my goals. As a result I feel a lot more confident and safe in the water, so that I can practice further. During our session I enjoyed being in the moment and having lots of fun. I feel stronger!
A wonderful personal experience, and at the same time I am knowing that a child will profit as well. Loved it, will book another session, Pana, thank you so much!” – Karin Hansen, Adult One on One participant