P.O. Box 388, Westport 7866

027 930 1434 surf@wavewise.co.nz



“Having seen Pana present her idea at a Co-Starters course, and suggesting the idea of corporate sponsorship, backing this up was an easy decision. Pana’s passion and commitment to surfing and youth will, we are sure, produce long-lasting and worthwhile outcomes and we were only too pleased to have been able to help get this underway.” – IT@Work // Sponsorship Surfboard

“Our 7 Day Makeover Crew is incredibly honoured to help sponsor the WaveWise initiative. This is a non-traditional approach to working with young people, and helping them ride the waves of life, and I am sure it will be incredibly successful. Congratulations to Pana, and all the others involved, in helping make this world a better place. To all potential sponsors, for a very small price, you can make a massive difference, so jump on board!” – 7 Day Makeover Crew // Sponsorship Surfboard

„Electro Services Limited are proud to support WaveWise helping Buller’s Youth through the lessons of the sea.“ – Electro Services Limited // Sponsorship Surfboard

“A Wild Peace Wellness centre are super excited to support WaveWise on its new journey. Its such an inspiring initiative to give back to our tamariki. Nature has many lessons to offer that traditional education does not provide, and to see WaveWise using the lessons from the ocean is super cool. Kia Kaha to all those involved in WaveWise” – A Wildpeace Center // Sponsorship Wetsuit

“West Coast Rewards is very pleased to support WaveWise. The concept of surf lessons paying for youth lessons is brilliant and shows the importance of giving back. Pana is great at what she does, she’s a very calming person who can relate well with young people and we believe combining her social work experience with surfing sounds like a great match. We wish Pana all the best for the future.” – West Coast Rewards // Sponsorship Wetsuit