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Surfing Social Worker uses West Coast waves as therapy…

Published on NZ Entrepreneur  Р12/11/2021:

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Post-Covid Beach Day

Let’s all connect and celebrate: – We made it out of Lockdown! – We are Covid-free at this point! – It was World Ocean Day on Monday the 8th! Bazil’s Hostel and Surf School, the BullerBoardriders and Wavewise would like to invite you to join: Sunday, 14th June 2020 – […]

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Surf & Yoga Weekender – Kawatiri Yoga // Wavewise Special!

    JOIN US for a day of healthy minds and bodies on the beach and get to know the super-combo of Yoga and Surfing! Jump in with both feet, face your fears, learn to surf, understand your mind and build connection through Yoga. Pana and Hannah would like nothing […]

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How surf sessions as life lessons in the 60’s paved the way for Wavewise today…

Imagine the following scenario: You are starting a social enterprise: Wavewise – Surf Sessions as Life Lessons. You work, you create, you cooperate, you organize, you sweat, you cry, you laugh and… you put your idea out into the world by creating a crowdfunding campaign to get your project up […]

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Let’s make Wavewise happen – Crowdfunding Campaign has started NOW!

“It takes a whole village, to raise a child!” Head over to the crowdfunding page to see the video and the campaign and help Wavewise to start and grow!

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Presenting WAVEWISE – How WAVEWISE was introduced to the community…

WAVEWISE began years ago with an idea – to then be worked out over months – to then finally be presented to our community – and to receive great feedback! Here is the description of WAVEWISE and a better understanding of what and who WAVEWISE is and how it will […]

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