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Wavewise Weekender Flood Recovery Special

  Were you impacted by the July 2021 Flood? Interested in learning to surf? As well as practical tools to deal with life’s challenges? Join our FREE Adult Flood Recovery Special Weekender with two mornings full of inspiration, surfing and a mindset changing experience adjusted to post flood needs after […]

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Wavewise on Seven Sharp: Surf therapy helping young people hang ten in the Tasman!

Wow – we are so blown away by the outcome of the coverage on Seven Sharp about us! We are absolutely grateful and humbled! We can’t put into words how proud we are of our youth – what a great representation of our programme and of our area! You guys […]

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Wavewise on Stuff: Surf instructor combines surfing and therapy to boost youth mental health

Published on stuff.co.nz – 8th Jan 2022: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/127338279/surf-instructor-combines-surfing-and-therapy-to-boost-youth-mental-health      

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Surfing Social Worker uses West Coast waves as therapy…

Published on NZ Entrepreneur  – 12th Nov 2021: https://nzentrepreneur.co.nz/surfing-social-worker-uses-west-coast-waves-as-therapy/

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Surf & Yoga Weekender – Kawatiri Yoga // Wavewise Special!

    JOIN US for a day of healthy minds and bodies on the beach and get to know the super-combo of Yoga and Surfing! Jump in with both feet, face your fears, learn to surf, understand your mind and build connection through Yoga. Pana and Hannah would like nothing […]

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How surf sessions as life lessons in the 60’s paved the way for Wavewise today…

Imagine the following scenario: You are starting a social enterprise: Wavewise – Surf Sessions as Life Lessons. You work, you create, you cooperate, you organize, you sweat, you cry, you laugh and… you put your idea out into the world by creating a crowdfunding campaign to get your project up […]

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Let’s make Wavewise happen – Crowdfunding Campaign has started NOW!

“It takes a whole village, to raise a child!” Head over to the crowdfunding page to see the video and the campaign and help Wavewise to start and grow!

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Presenting WAVEWISE – How WAVEWISE was introduced to the community…

WAVEWISE began years ago with an idea – to then be worked out over months – to then finally be presented to our community – and to receive great feedback! Here is the description of WAVEWISE and a better understanding of what and who WAVEWISE is and how it will […]

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