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Wavewise consists of passionate people believing in the healing power of the ocean and in personal growth through strength based mindset approaches. They either have a qualification in one or both of those fields or are assistants to those qualified.

Pana Leontiadu

Positions: CEO and Founder of Wavewise // Adult Sessions and Youth Sessions

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts – Social Work // Surfing New Zealand Surf Instructor Level 1 //  Surfing New Zealand Surf Instructor Level 2

Liane Battcher

Position: Social Worker for Youth Sessions

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts – Major in Psychology and History // Master Applied Social Work // Certificate in Adventure Leadership // Trainee Surf Instructor Level 1

Dion Findlay

Position: Surf Instructor for Youth Sessions

Qualification: Surfing New Zealand Surf Instructor Level 1

About the Board of Trustees

Chairperson – Lorraine Scanlon

Secretary – Maegan Bird

Treasurer – Pana Leontiadu

About the Founding Story of WAVEWISE

Kia Ora! My name is Pana – and I am a greek-german kiwi-resident, a social worker for 10 years, a worldwide experienced surf instructor and a passionate surfer.

Surfing changed my life! Since I surfed, I never stopped! Not only because surfing is a lot of fun, but because it made a massive difference in my personal life  – I experienced firsthand how this lifestyle can enhance my mental wellbeing and my overall satisfaction with life.

Not only has surfing itself done its bit, but in talking to other surfers I realized that my experience as Social Worker in combination with surfing provides me with a way of reflecting on personal challenges that helps me to get through every day challenges.

This lifestyle has had such a profound effect on me, it has even caused me to leave my home in Germany and my greek family 18,000 km behind! Since then, I have travelled the world in pursuit of new waves and new experiences and to finally discover my new home here on the West Coast.

I now have the opportunity to pass on the gift and benefit of utilising surf sessions as a reflective tool to draw upon life lessons.

I know, surfing has created real positive change in my life – I want to provide the same experience to others.

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