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Book Now – Wavewise Level 2 Weekender

You got hooked to Wavewise at the Level 1 Weekender and want to push your surfing even further?

Right, here is your chance!

Join the second part of the programme on a follow up weekend and build on what you have learned so far to become an independent surfer:

WAVEWISE WEEKENDER Level 2 (Sat+Sun morning, 9.30am-12.00pm):

Session 1: Paddle out into the line up (paddle through waves techniques) – Getting through difficult times in life // Priority rules + Handling your board in the line up – Keep control //

Session 2: Creation of waves and how they break – Dealing with frustration // Understanding surf forecasts to learn where to surf independently – Being free //

Let waves open up your headspace and plant a seed of positivity to feel more confident, more relaxed and less stressed with life’s every day struggles!

Gain an insight to a tool that will truely enrich your every day life and that you can use without any help after attending the Wavewise programme.

AND: Provide the same to one of our youth!


Costs: Only 190$ (Value of 220$)!

DATE:  6. + 7. April 2019 / 9.30am-12.00pm each

Book your weekender NOW – spaces are limited:

We are looking forward to make waves with you and for you!



Got more Questions of how this exactly works? –> Find Questions and Answers about Wavewise Adult Programmes here:

Adult Surf Programme

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